Crew members are trained and knowledgeable in many construction disciplines across the utility sector and led by a highly focused management team armed with the breadth of experience required to amass resources and maximize production without compromising safety or efficiency. Unrestricted by terrain, climate or distance, Anderson & Wood's service footprint spans coast to coast across the lower 48 states on up to Hawaii and Alaska and as far reaching as Saudi Arabia and Saipan. Utilization of modern technology and methodology, facilitated by a diverse fleet of equipment, empowers our seasoned team of professionals to think outside the box, reach globally and fulfill the most demanding challenges our customers bring to the table – from concept to completion.


Loyal. Transparent. Respectful.


Trust. Partnership. Sincerity.


Responsible. Reliable. Disciplined.


Where there is power in safety, likewise, there is safety in power. Protecting one of our greatest assets, our employees, by investing in our health and safety program is a key component of our company philosophy and core values. Our foremen begin each day by conducting an on-site tailgate meeting with crew members to identify potential hazards and discuss proper techniques and protocols relevant to the day's work at hand. Providing a safe working environment is fundamental as an employer. Every employee deserves a safe place to work which includes conscious responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of those around them. Safety is a mindset we work diligently to ingrain in order to foster a culture where practice becomes second nature. It's a team effort across all ranks and disciplines.

Safety is Power
History of Anderson and Wood Construction


Since its founding in 1973, Anderson & Wood Construction (A&W) has endeavored to meet the electrical construction and maintenance needs of customers throughout the United States. While originally established as a powerline contractor, expansion into commercial and industrial wiring afforded A&W a firm foothold as a full-service electrical contractor. Diversification through acquisition of our earthwork and wet utilities division facilitated growth as a formidable infrastructure contractor giving A&W expertise spanning the gamut of utility services. 


Fred Oliver, President of Anderson and Wood Construction

Fred Oliver


Fred’s genesis in electrical construction began on the ground floor with Anderson & Wood. Working up through the ranks as a lineman and transitioning into management affords him unique industry experience and insight. Combined with his entrepreneurial moxie and indomitable perseverance, his business savvy has proven to be both invaluable and essential in leading the company to new heights, through growth and diversification, while maintaining a foundation of uncompromised quality and integrity.

Mike Bruett, Vice President of Anderson and Wood Construction

Mike Bruett

Vice President

Throughout his tenure in the electrical industry and Anderson & Wood therein, Mike has worked arduously in multiple capacities across all divisions. The perspective and knowledge garnered through hands-on experience lends to his competence in operations management. Mike’s innovative strategies, directional oversight, and forthright charisma rise to meet customer needs and ensure satisfaction through mutually beneficial collaborations and profitable partnerships.